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Jason Liversage

15:36 Thursday 8th January, was the moment Jason regained control of his world. It started after he was diagnosed with motor neurone disease and Fabry’s disease, meaning he had to give up work, knowing that his condition would eventually cost him his ability to communicate and interact with the world. But when our engineer installed innovative devices and enviromental controls, including an I-Series, he gained not just a new way to communicate and control his home – but also the peace of mind that, no matter how his condition develops, he’ll always be able to communicate and carry on enjoying life with his family.

Jason Liversage

Jason Liversage’s world changed when he was diagnosed with motor neurone disease (MND), as well as Fabry’s
disease. His condition is gradual. It is slow to take effect, but could eventually cost him his ability to talk and the
majority of his motor skills – as well as his freedom and independence. It also forced him to give up his job, knowing that he would soon lose his control and his ability to perform his tasks. Limited to the home, but still with a degree of independence, Jason needed to think about the future.

While Jason still had control and independence, he and his family – his wife and two children – started
taking precautions and measures to limit the impact of his condition, now and in the long term. After searching around, they found Steeper Assistive Technology. After an initial enquiry, a Steeper engineer visited the Liversage home, assessing Jason’s needs and concerns, as well as his family’s living requirements; finding a way to help Jason overcome his limitations as his condition progressed.

Steeper installed a range of assistive technologies in Jason’s home, to help him communicate, interact with and control his immediate environment, including an I-Series, environmental control systems, door openers, TV controls and intercoms.

The effect of this installation was dramatic. Gaining instant control over his home was just one benefit. At a deeper level, Steeper gave Jason peace of mind, security and reassurance – so that, no matter how quickly or severely his situation deteriorates, he will always be able to maintain control over his environment, granting him greater freedom and independence, as well as reducing his future reliance on care. Plus, with the on-call support of Steeper’s engineers, he knows that help is never far for maintenance, repair or installing newer systems around the house. Ultimately, assistive technology helped Jason take back control of his world, safe in the knowledge that he can continue enjoying life in his own home, with his family, for many years to come.

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