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User perspective - Peter Lunn and his Keo

February 22, 2017

Living with Motor Neurone Disease, Peter has embraced his assistive technology. Now able to switch on and off the lights and communicate with his friends and family over the phone, Peter, has regained a small bit of independence.

User perspective - Peter Lunn and his Keo

With the muscles in his hands slowly deteriorating Peter has learnt how to control elements of his home environment with his Keo and switch. Peter uses his knee to control his buddy button which is the switch that sends the signal to his Keo. This simple set up, means that Peter is now able to control the lighting, his bed and open the door, all things he would have had to ask for help with before.

Using the Keo for three years now, Peter likes the fact that he is able to do something for himself. Living with MND, means he has had to learn to rely on others to do everything for him, something that has taken a while to get used to. However, with the Keo, Peter is now comfortable being left to enjoy an afternoon to himself, safe in the knowledge that he can turn the light on when it gets dark, switch the TV channel and answer the door if anyone knocks.

Being easy to use is the most important thing for Peter, “the look doesn’t bother me, as long as it is easy to use and can adapt with me and my condition then I am happy.”

The Keo, is designed to facilitate a huge range of everyday home automation tasks. With the ability to program up to 250 infrared codes, the Keo can be adapted to suit any user’s needs. For more information on the Keo or any other Assistive Technology products by Steeper, please contact

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