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Control Prog

Control Prog is a programmable infrared environmental control device that stores codes from other remote controls, such as the TV and DVD player, and makes everyday life simpler by allowing the user to control their home environment with a single controller.

Control Prog

Key features:

  • Control by direct touch or a scanning interface
  • Use to operate a variety of home controls, including entrance doors, intercoms, lighting, telephones, radios and TVs
  • 12 different scanning alternatives available
  • Coded channel for security functions, such as house doors
  • Customisable sequences available e.g. push a button to move directly from a text to a TV page
  • Can be combined with Tobii PCEye Go and a computer for eye control, or voice controlled using a PC with software such as Dragon Naturally Speaking

This product is supplied in partnership with Abilia.

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