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evoassist is an innovative product that turns an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad into a universal environmental control device. Flexible and easy to use, either via touch screen or input switches, evoassist can be configured to best suit your needs, whether physically disabled or able bodied.


Working with the latest Apple technology, evoassist is designed to integrate seamlessly with Steeper’s comprehensive range of home automation systems and return a level of independence to users.

Key features:

  • Evoassist is sold as a standalone system
  • New video intercom system and door entry
  • Control everyday tasks including answering telephones, opening curtains, raising alarms, unlocking doors and changing television channels
  • Easy to use touch screen or switch scanning interface
  • Improved, customisable icons
  • Customisable backgrounds, including style and colour
  • New keyguard option.
  • Audio and visual prompting available
  • Utilises Wi-Fi, radio and infrared technologies
  • Remote switch access for wireless operation
  • Can be used as a basic communication device with selectable pre-recorded phrases
  • Compatible with Steeper and other third party peripherals for easy upgrading of current systems

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