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Daessy Mounting

The Daessy mounting system is a component-based system that is fully customisable for each user and comes with unlimited mounting configurations. The core elements of the Daessy mounting system are the standard configuration Daessy wheelchair mounts, desk mounts and rolling mounts.

Daessy Mounting

The Daessy mounting system components can be purchased individually to build sturdy and adjustable structures for mounting items on walls, bedframes, floors and more. The mounting system components can be combined with the Daessy stem system for switch mounting.

Standard Daessy mounts include:

  • Rigid mount
  • Folding mount
  • Swing aside mount
  • Positioner mount
  • Locking swing away mount
  • Rear folding mount
  • Lockable rear folding mount
  • Desk mounts
  • Floor stands

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