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Switches and Input Devices

Unless a device can be operated by direct touch, the most common fall back for user input to a device is a switch.

Switches and Input Devices

Available in different sizes, shapes, colours, textures or materials, our entire range provides a reliable means of access to a device. Switches can capture repeatable movements, such as finger movement, elbow or head movement, eye blink, muscle twitch and even tongue movement. There are also several types of switch which can be activated using a sip or puff action, just like a drinking straw.

Every person’s preferences differ and the input method to a device is absolutely crucial to its success. Our engineers and product advisors are highly skilled in helping users to select the correct input method for both their device and their personal situation.

In instances where switch access may not be the most suitable access method, our team can introduce alternative access means, such as eye control technology.

For switch accessing Apple devices, please see our perrero+ product page.

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