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Imagine being in a warm room with the sun shining through the window and not being able to close the curtains or blinds to shield the sunlight. Imagine also being in the same room when the temperature drops and being unable to close that open window. With advanced controls installed by Steeper all of that control and more can be restored at the touch of a button or the flick of an eye.

Curtain Control

Silent Gliss curtain control allows the remote opening and closing of existing curtains via the Silent Gliss infrared motorised track. The track is neat and discreet and will work with all pleated and pelmeted curtains.

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Blind Control

Vertical blinds, roller blinds and Velux blinds can all be controlled using specially selected blind systems and a remote control. The roller blinds are available in blackout varieties, as well as a range of colours for seamless integration into any surroundings.

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‘Window Master’ Window Openers

Windows that are difficult to operate or are out of reach can be opened and closed easily and safely with infrared or radio control. Window Master can be used for windows in the home or conservatory, giving control throughout your house.

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