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Residential Settings

A high provision of support is often required within residential and care home settings, due to the variety of conditions and wide-ranging abilities of residents.

Residential Settings

As expectations for independent living grow, providing assistive technologies within such environments ensures that residents retain an appropriate level of independence and freedom, whilst simultaneously freeing up time for carers.

Environmental control systems, for example, allow the user to control their immediate surroundings, by changing television channels, closing curtains and opening and closing doors, amongst other functions.

Steeper will work alongside management teams to determine the most appropriate solution for each individual, whilst our experienced team of engineers can advise on how best to configure systems for maximum functionality. We are the market leaders for larger and more complex installations, with every system built to the highest of standards.

Each system can be adapted as necessary, in order to meet the evolving needs of residents, and we also provide a PAT testing service to ensure all portable appliances comply with the latest safety specifications.

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