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PAT Testing

To extend the service that we offer all our clients, all our engineers are now trained to fully PAT test your devices.

PAT Testing

Stringent rules and regulations now mean that the onus is on the user to fully ensure that their assistive technology device is working safely and meets the latest regulations. Here at Steeper, our engineers are all fully trained to the latest specifications, meaning that when you book a PAT test with us, you can be confident that your devices will be tested to the most recent safety specifications.

To help you understand more about the importance of PAT testing, we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions.

Why do I need to have my devices tested?

The best way of ensuring that your devices are safe is to have a PAT test carried out on them. This is to ensure that your appliances meet the legal specifications and a high level of electrical safety is maintained.

What does it involve?

To establish the safety and suitability of your assistive devices, your Steeper engineer will carry out a visual inspection of the appliance, its plug and lead, whilst also injecting test signals into the cable and appliance to ensure their integrity.

Who should do the work?

Electrical work must only be carried out by people who have the necessary knowledge, skill and experience needed to avoid danger to themselves and others. All Steeper engineers are fully trained to be able to complete PAT testing to the latest specifications. 

What will I receive?

Upon completion of the inspection and testing you will receive a report that details the following;

  •  An inventory containing each appliance type, name, location and description.
  • A full set of test results for each appliance tested.
  • A full list of any failed items with an explanation of their failure.
  • A visible pass or fail label on each appliance detailing the inspection date, next test due and the engineer’s signature.

If you have any questions then your Steeper engineer will be happy to talk you through the report and advise you of any further action required.

To find out more about the Steeper PAT testing service, please contact our friendly customer service team who will talk you through the options available. Contact us by calling 0113 207 0449 or emailing

To find out more, or to arrange a visit with your local Assistive Technology Product Advisor, email or call us on 0113 207 0449 today.

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